Young Talent of Communication 传播学青年学者

April 20, 2023

Job Description

1. Requirements
(1) Stay loyal to the cause of higher education and adhere to the correct political ideology, observe professional ethics and the rules and regulations of the College, possess a rigorous academic attitude;
(2) Outstanding young talents under the age of 40 who possess a Ph.D. degree, and have experience in teaching or research in prestigious universities or R&D institutes;
(3) Possess a good academic vision, teaching accomplishments and research excellence, have a good academic standing and demonstrate evidence of or a strong potential for excellence in scholarly research and teaching, and have the potential to become first-class scholars.

1. 申请条件

(1) 热爱高等教育事业,思想政治素质良好,具有高尚的道德情操,恪守高校教师师德行为规范、学术道德规范等职业道德规范,学风严谨,品行正派;

(2) 一般具有博士学位,有在国内外一流高校或研究机构教学科研工作经历的青年人才,原则上年龄不超过40周岁;

(3) 具有优良的学术造诣,在人才培养或本学科研究方面取得国内外广泛认可的创新性成果和贡献;在国内外具有一定的学术地位,具有保持本学科国内外先进教学和研究水平的能力;具有成为本学科学术带头人和优秀学者的潜质。

2. Job Responsibilities

(1) Ensure that education performs its fundamental mission of fostering virtue and fulfill the responsibilities of impacting knowledge and education. Must participate in teaching in undergraduate and graduate/doctoral programs;

(2) Engage in curriculum development and demonstrate commitment to excellent pedagogical inquiry and interest in teaching-related scholarly activities;

(3) Able to lead the young talents of the Department to participate in the cutting-edge research activities and obtain certain impacts in relevant fields;

(4) Actively demonstrate innovative teaching initiatives and conduct research and reform in a team environment, and contribute to or add to the existing strengths of the Department.

2. 岗位目标任务

(1) 落实立德树人根本任务,履行教书育人职责,每学年需参与本学科本科生教学工作,积极培养本学科研究生和博士生;

(2) 参与本学科教学改革研究与实践,积极提升本专业教学改革研究与实践水平的创新性和先进性;

(3) 带领本学科青年教师队伍开展和参与国内外本学科领域的前沿学术研究工作,争取获得本学科广泛认同的成果;

(4) 积极参与本学科发展,积极组建或参与组建学术或创新团队,努力推动本学科教学和科研双向发展。

3. Key Tasks

(1) Develop research projects to win national, provincial, and municipal research grants.

(2) Publish monographs, journal articles, and book chapters in top-ranking venues.

(3) Organize national and international conferences to promote the visibility of FHSS and UIC in academic circles.

(4) Supervise PhD students in his or her specialty.

3. 岗位重点工作

(1) 独立申请国家社会科学基金、教育部人文社会科学研究项目等各级科研项目,支持人文社科学院和传播系长期研究任务;

(2) 在本领域有影响的学术刊物上发表高质量的学术论文,出版学术专著等;

(3) 定期参与或合作举办国内外一流学术会议, 不断提升UIC和人文社科学院在国内外的影响力;

(4) 培养所在研究领域的博士研究生。

4. Performance Evaluation

(1) Participate in the curriculum development and push forward the reform of the Department, introduce international courses of good qualities and foster development and delivery of core lectures;

(2) Actively engage in student development and guidance, able to demonstrate expertise in fostering practical and scholarly thinking abilities among students, and strive to foster the cross-disciplinary approaches of the Department;

(3) Able to participate in or hold international academic conferences and seminars, and have the ability to contribute to the intellectual and scholarly life of the Department and to the Faculty community in general;

(4) Able to obtain considerable research achievements in related fields, and undertake national/provincial research grants and complete research work on schedule.

4. 岗位考核

(1) 参与提升本学科特色发展,力争推动本学科教学改革,引进优质的国际化课程,培育本学科精品课程,促进本学科教学国际化;

(2) 积极参与学生培养,培养学生使用本学科知识解决实际问题和学术问题的能力,鼓励学生使用本学科知识进行多学科、交叉学科的融合交流;

(3) 每年争取参与或举办本学科国际学术会议和论坛,促进本学科教学和科研交流,了解本学科研究热点和趋势;

(4) 在教育教学、本学科国际学术前沿开展研究工作,聘期内在相关学科或领域取得相当科研成果,同时承担国家级、省级科研项目,按期完成科研课题。

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