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September 21, 2020

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About NTHU

    At National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore and realize their unique potential. In everything we do, NTHU will continue to uphold our core values of inclusivity, equality, and diversity in safeguarding academic freedom and shared governance. NTHU is widely recognized as a foremost incubator of future leaders in industry and academia. NTHU’s consistent record of excellence is exemplified by the outstanding achievement of our faculty and alumni, among whom are two Nobel laureates in physics, one Nobel laureate in chemistry, and one Wolf Prize winner in mathematics.

    In recent years, NTHU has championed a new multidisciplinary vision, “Technology + X”, to effectively leverage the newly established College of Education, College of Arts, Tsing Hua College, the Taipei School of Economics and Political Science, and the College of Semiconductor Research. In addition, NTHU has recently launched a Post-Baccalaureate Doctorate of Medicine program and is establishing a teaching/research hospital. Our diverse student body is our pride with more than 25% of NTHU students coming from different urban-rural/ socio-economic/ talented backgrounds and more than a quarter of graduates majored in multiple disciplines. Our campus continues to reflect our growth and vision. NTHU is building brand new Art Museum, Concert Hall, Hall of Literature, Cultural Relic Museum, and Center for Indigenous Science Development. It’s an exciting time to join us!

We provide

NTHU offers a myriad of support including research funding and facilities, research assistant personnel expenses, accommodation, moving expenses, and assistance with children’s education. The overall package of supportive measures and arrangements includes the following:

1. Subsidy for NTHU Newly-Recruited Faculty Academic Research (start-up subsidy)

NTHU provides an Academic Research Subsidy (start-up subsidy) to help newly-recruited faculty build up their research labs, and to encourage them to concentrate on research. The subsidy is jointly provided by the department, the college and the university, and the candidate is encouraged to discuss with the department about the amount.

2. Subsidy for Guest House and Accommodation

(1) Guest House

In principle, newly-recruited faculty can apply to live in a single or double room at Guest House III with priority. (For further information please refer to addition, newly-recruited faculty can also apply to live in Guest House I or Guest House II.

 (2) Accommodation Subsidy

Newly-recruited full-time faculty have the option to apply for an accommodation subsidy (up to NTD$10,000 per month) for a duration of up to three years.

3.Education of children

(1)Children of newly-recruited full-time faculty have priority to apply to study in the Affiliated Kindergarten or the Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Tsing Hua University.

(2)Children of NTHU faculty are eligible to apply to study in the junior high school, elementary school, or kindergarten of the National Experimental High School at Hsinchu Science Park.


1.Statutory Salary:

  The statutory salary for a full-time faculty member includes Base Salary and Additional Academic Research Pay.

(Please refer to

2. Non-statutory (Additional) Salary:

(1) Yushan Fellows and Yushan Young Fellows: If approved by the Ministry of Education as a Yushan Scholar or Yushan Young Scholar, the MOE will provide the subsidy for the non-statutory (additional) salary:

(Please refer to

(2) Flexible Salary Reward: If not approved by the MOE Yushan Fellow Program, NTHU may provide a Flexible Salary Reward if it conforms to the regulations of the NTHU Newly-Recruited Faculties Flexible Salary Reward.

(Please refer to

(3) Newly appointed foreigner (non-Taiwanese) faculty members are eligible to apply for an extra compensation of 25,000 NTD/month till 2027.

Taiwan is ranked 19th in global purchasing power parity (PPP) indicating high standard of living with stable and low cost of living.

(Please refer to

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